Welcome to the 2020 cross country season!

The Foothill Cross country team offers opportunities for athletes of all ability levels to train and compete in a supportive environment! we encourage families to come to the meets to support our hard-working athletes, help with the events and have some fun while you’re at it!

Welcome to the 2020 Cross Country Season. We will be starting team practice on Monday the 29th of June at Foothill’s track at 8 AM. Due to the current health regulations there will be very strict rules that must be abided for us to be able to meet and practice. Non-compliance will result in dismissal from practice or the end pf being able to meet as a team.

1. Maintain 6 feet of distance between you and others at practice. No touching, no Hi-5’s , no handshakes, running groups will be limited to 10 athletes together as a group

2. Bring your own water, at least 12 OZ., no water will be provided and no sharing of water between athletes

3. No staying on campus, loitering or gathering after practice , prepare to be picked up or arrange for transportation after post-workout stretches, facilities will be closed promptly

4. Listen to rules and instructions the first time, road safety as always must be observed , due to the ongoing health emergency, the privilege of team practice can be taken away rapidly if safety guidelines are not heeded


The coaching staff is extremely excited that we have the opportunity to practice as a team but for the safety of all involved, all must be adhering to these guidelines. This will be a new experience for staff, returners and newcomers alike this season. For us to have a successful Cross-Country season a consistent summer training program is essential. If you or any of your friends know of potential athletes, please inform them that we are meeting for practice. We will be going off campus for workouts and being aware of community safety and giving space to fellow pedestrians is mandatory.

Starting the Monday 15th, the staff will be sending out workout plans for athletes to do individually before we meet as a team. These will consist of basic conditioning workouts that athletes can use to prepare for our team practice and be ready for more structured workouts as a group. Please take these as part of the team practice, your general fitness will benefit from these workouts.

Can’t wait to see you all on the 29th and enjoy the next 2 weeks of training on your own, trust us you will miss it! Be safe and enjoy the summer!

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Workout Times

Regular schedule school days are 2:45 pm to 4:30 pm. We usually end a little earlier on Fridays. Saturday/holiday workouts are not mandatory, but highly encouraged. We usually meet at Cedar Grove Park (see map page for location) in Tustin Ranch at 8 am and are done by 10 a.m. Occasionally, we meet or go to other locations and that will be announced at practice and here if possible.


Cross country is one of the few remaining foothill sports programs where any student can fully participate regardless of athletic ability. this is a great opportunity for student athletes, but large teams require money to operate. with state and local budget cuts, the cross country program is not adequately funded. the booster club is tasked with raising funds to operate the team and really needs your support. foothill has a long tradition of fielding strong distance teams and your donation will allow for this quality program to continue.

Foothill High School cross country is a non-profit organization: Super Boosters 501(c)(3) EIN.

Please donate, contact foothillcrosscountry@gmail.com.


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