Century League Finals: Thursday November 3, 2022 @ 2Pm Yorba Regional Park

Coach Miramontes PH: 714-380-2803 Email:

Coach Phifer PH: 949-357-7428 Email:

All athletes and coaches need to be on the bus ready to leave at 12:00pm from the front of FHS, on Dodge Ave. We will leave promptly to allow for proper warmup for the first race. We will have a return bus, but ok if athletes go home with parent(s).

Athletes will be released from class at 11:45A m Come dressed ready to race, in uniform and sweats type of warm-ups, there will be no access to locker rooms or lockers at Park. Get a good night’s rest on Wednesday night, layout or pack on Wednesday night what clothes, uniform, socks, shoes, sweats you will need on Thursday morning. Eat a light breakfast before you leave home if possible, or good foods to bring to snack on are dry cereals, graham crackers, bagels or muffins. Don’t make Thursday morning a frantic rush to get to school on time, prepare ahead of time and make sure to set your alarm clock.we will have our first of two North Hills League competitions. The North Hills League and Crestview League make up the Century Conference. Both Leagues (all 8 High Schools) will be racing at the same time, but the Leagues will be scored separately. We will be taking buses to and from this meet. Please plan to stay for all the races to support your teammates.

Schedule: JV Girls - 2:00pm

JV Boys - 2:30pm

FS Girls - 3:00pm

FS Boys - 3:30pm

Varsity Girls - 4:00pm

Varsity Boys - 4:30pm

Awards Ceremony 30-minutes after the conclusion of final race

Location: Yorba Regional Park 7600 E. La Palma Anaheim, CA 92807

Parking: $3

North Hills League Boys: El Dorado, El Modena, Villa Park, Esperanza

North Hills League Girls: El Dorado, El Modena, Villa Park, Yorba Linda

Crestview League Boys: Brea, Canyon, Foothill, Yorba Linda

Crestview League Girls: Brea, Canyon, Foothill, Esperanza

Notes: 1. The park has asked that all spectators and athletes respect the park personnel and

park speed limit. There have been some incidents in recent years and if they keep happening

we will not have a place to race.

2. The league coaches want to remind all spectators and athletes that you are NOT

allowed to run alongside any athlete that is racing. This action could result in the athlete being